Feb 9, 2007

Oulawing iPod Use

In Brooklyn, State Senator Carl Kruger is planning to introduce a bill that would say when its ok to listen an iPod. If the bill goes through, it would mean that people violating it would be fined $100 and have to appear in court, if they are caught crossing the street using an iPod.

Recently one or two people have died because they were using their iPod while crossing the street or something. I think enforcing a law like this is pretty ridiculous. I mean I understand the laws that say you cannot use an iPod while driving, because a car is a very powerful thing. And although it is possible that the ideal driver could harm another car while veering away from an iPod user, it is more likely that the car will hit the person--which means it is the iPod-wearers fault. Even though pedestrians always have the right of way, it doesn't mean its ok for them to step out into the road whenever they please. Maybe if there was some law that says that if a car hits a person using headphones/cellphoneor/PDA, the case be handled differently. Does that make sense?

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