May 4, 2008


these kittens are adorable

May 2, 2008

you want a piece of me?

i have to give ms spears props for her new (is it new or am i just way out of the loop?) i remember when i was in middle school...back when i was obsessed with nsync, backstreet boys and spice girls... i remember been somewhat infatuated with the one more time video, but at the same time wondering why the hell i gave a shit... anyways. for the past like 5 years i havent really gave a shit about her music but 'piece of me' was kind of a relief. when i first saw the title i though it would be some crappy sappy song like the other crap shes come out with. instead its basically telling the media fuck you, i make mad money. hell yeah.
anyways. i know, grammar = atrocious. but i think thats why i stopped using this shit a year ago-- too concerned about it. im capable of it, but just dont care :)

Mar 26, 2007

Abortion or $500

A Texas legislator is proposing that pregnant women be offered $500 to NOT have an abortion. Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick thinks that the money might convince women to have the child, and then give it up for adoption. Now, while this may not sound like a bad deal, check this out: you'd think they'd give you the $500 so that you'd be able to afford living expenses during the 9 months, a bit better. But no! The money is paid within 30 days of the child being adopted. Well... I guess I can understand that there is a trust issue with giving out $500 before the child is born. I don't mean to sound harsh, but 9 months of carrying a child that I don't intend on keeping is worth WAY more than $500 to me. I know that sounds bad, but its true. Anyways. Read more here