May 4, 2008


these kittens are adorable

May 2, 2008

you want a piece of me?

i have to give ms spears props for her new (is it new or am i just way out of the loop?) i remember when i was in middle school...back when i was obsessed with nsync, backstreet boys and spice girls... i remember been somewhat infatuated with the one more time video, but at the same time wondering why the hell i gave a shit... anyways. for the past like 5 years i havent really gave a shit about her music but 'piece of me' was kind of a relief. when i first saw the title i though it would be some crappy sappy song like the other crap shes come out with. instead its basically telling the media fuck you, i make mad money. hell yeah.
anyways. i know, grammar = atrocious. but i think thats why i stopped using this shit a year ago-- too concerned about it. im capable of it, but just dont care :)