Dec 31, 2006

Wedding Proposal

How could any woman say no to a proposal like this ?

The YouTube summary reads:

I produced this animation as a way of proposing to my girlfriend (now wife) Natasha. I assembled a team of 20 animators to assist me, including co-workers, as well as students from my 3D character animation class at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. We created more than four minutes of animation in just three months. When it was completed, I surprised Natasha by bringing her to the Parkway Movie Theater in Oakland, where they played the animation on the big screen in front of over 100 of our friends and family. The entire event was filmed for the TLC television show "A Perfect Proposal."

Hussein Interview

Note: This article is taken DIRECTLY from BBC's site. More specifically, here . I did not write any of the following.

Witness to Saddam's death
Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (December 2006)
Saddam Hussein always looked combative in court

Judge Munir Haddad was present at Saddam Hussein's hanging on 30 December 2006. In an interview with the BBC's John Simpson, he explains what he witnessed.

Judge Haddad: One of the guards present asked Saddam Hussein whether he was afraid of dying.

Saddam's reply was that "I spent my whole life fighting the infidels and the intruders", and another guard asked him: "Why did you destroy Iraq and destroy us? You starved us and you allowed the Americans to occupy us."

His reply was, "I destroyed the invaders and the Persians and I destroyed the enemies of Iraq... and I turned Iraq from poverty into wealth."

BBC: There was no question Saddam was drugged?

Judge Haddad: Not at all. Saddam was normal and in full control. He was aware of his fate and knew he was about to face death. He said: "This is my end... this is the end of my life. But I started my life as a fighter and as a political militant - so death does not frighten me."

BBC: What happened next?

Judge Haddad: They untied his hands and tied them again behind his back.

They put his feet into shackles and he was taken upstairs to the gallows.

He was reciting, as it was his custom, "God is Great!" and also some political slogans like: "Down with the Americans!" and "Down with the Invaders!"

He said: "We're going to Heaven and our enemies will rot in Hell!"

And he also called for forgiveness and love amongst Iraqis, but also stressed that the Iraqis should fight the Americans and the Persians.

BBC: And then?

Judge Haddad: When he was taken to gallows, the guards tried to put a hood on his head but he refused.

Then he recited verses from the Koran. Some of the guards started to taunt him - by shouting Islamic words. A cleric who was present asked Saddam to recite some spiritual words. Saddam did so but with sarcasm.

These were his last words.

And then the cord tightened around his neck and he dropped to his death.

BBC: But did he say anything else?

Judge Haddad: He said, "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is God's messenger."

BBC: And was he killed instantly?

Judge Haddad:He was killed instantly and I witnessed the impact of the rope and it was a horrible sight.

BBC: Are you happy that Saddam Hussein is dead?

Judge Haddad: Do I look happy to you? I am a judge and I just carry out my duty.

I was entrusted to oversee the execution of Saddam Hussein and that's what I did.

I am neither happy nor sad.

Yes I do have feelings as an Iraqi citizen, but I carried out my duty the best I could and I gave Saddam Hussein his rights. I wasn't there to seek revenge.

Dec 29, 2006

J. Kennedy & Saget Rap

Head over to Yikers.Com to watch this rap (if you can even call it that) video. Its Jamie Kennedy's song and its about, and featuring, Bob Saget. For anyone who doesn't know who Saget is you can ready more about him here at Wikipedia. Fyi I got the image at this persons MySpace shizam.

Dec 28, 2006

South Park Maker

You can make your own here

This sums up my boyfriend.
And he's not always holding a beer.
But his teeth aren't crooked or yellow.

Dec 27, 2006


This website called
is a collection of obituaries of deceased MySpace users. There's something pretty weird about that...

Also, there is This site,, is, well, against the site.

This is a map of all of the people on the first site...

Dec 26, 2006

True Grinches...

So Christmas is over. And while I feel mine went well, it seems that others didn't get it so good. How much does that suck? Can you imagine. "Merry Christmas! Oh, by the way-- we're robbing you." That'd blow. Two people (names unknown) robbed St. Mels Roman Catholic Church , in Queens, ON CHRISTMAS DAY ! They took between $20,000 & $30,000 from the church's safe during morning mass! And the money was for needy children (I think). What assholes, holy shit! Although I suppose if you're going to commit a robbery, Christmas morning would be the "best" time to do so, since everyone is going to be sleeping, "religioning" [its a Rachel verb], opening presents, and doing other holiday stuff. Not that I support it exactly.

Dec 25, 2006

X-Mas Presents

So I ended up going to Deptford, New Jersey with my family. The drive up was amazing because there was like 0 traffic. I also made out pretty damn well with presents...
  • $25 Best Buy Gift Card
  • $5 Best Buy Gift Card
  • $35 Macy's Gift Card
  • Wallace & Grommet Movie
  • 2 Pairs of Silver/Gold Earrings
  • Gwen Stefani CD
  • Two Makeup Cases
  • Strokes CD
  • Makeup & Lotion
  • 2 Shirts
  • Stocking Stuffers
  • $200 Check
And a bunch of other stuff.
I'm feeling pretty damn lucky.

James Brown

James Brown has passed away....

In happier news, i have been reunited with my cell phone! My dad found it when he went out to get the morning paper! It's still FREEZING cold from being out side all night [daw, poor thing!], but I'm super-charging it now so it'll be charged by 9 am...

Well between now (7:45) and 9:00 am, I need to wrap 2 presents, pack clothes (only 1 days worth), figure out how to print pain in the ass Christmas cards, and (if history is any indication) taking a dump somewhere down the line... Sounds do-able. But one hour? Hm. Wish me luck.

X_mas Morning

It's now 6 am, Christmas morning. I've had 0 sleep...After much consideration, I've come to the conclusion that I really don't want to go to New Jersey, shouldn't have to go to New Jersey, but will go to New Jersey because it will cause the least hassle. Especially after not sleeping, I really don't have the energy to argue. Still, though, i really don't want to goooooo. ahhhhh.

Screw Christmas

Well it's now 3:30 am and I've been thinking... I REALLY don't want to go. At 19 I feel that I should be able to make my own decisions about where I spend the holidays. I really don't think that I should have to go wherever they go, especially when it includes several hours in the car. I guess I'm just the Grinch or something.

No Cell Phone =(

I forgot my cell phone at my boyfriends house.

I don't think I can even begin to explain my frustration. I am so fucking pissed off right now. And I'm going to New Jersey tomorrow for two days. I know most of you out there are thinking something along the lines of "Just use your moms while your gone". If I don't go pick it up in the morning I guess that's what I'll have to do. It just really pisses me off because everything was going smoothly and according to plan and then BAM! my stupid phone.

Dec 24, 2006

X-mas Eve

Here's a picture from Notice that the WATER SALAD says its made by the Coca-Cola Company. Is it really? Maybe they just used it so that the can would look American? Who knows...

Well its Christmas Eve Day-- is that what it's called? Or is it "the day before Christmas"? Or is the whole day just called Christmas Eve? Beats the hell out of me. So it's 2 PM and my boyfriend is still sleeping. Which is, I suppose, sort of understandable since he did come and pick me up at 4 am after the Thomas Lunch show [which I hear was really good].

Am I the only one who finds Rod Stewart's appearance somewhat disturbing? Whomever told him that blond hair was a good idea, was out of their mind. And the froofy hair looks like a wig! Is it? Maybe it is...In which case, the froofiness is ok. Wig froof is acceptable. Well, ok. He is 60+ so maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

Dec 23, 2006

Dear DC9

A letter to the bitch at DC9

Dear DC9 girl:

You spoke to my boyfriend at about 7 pm today. He politely called the DC9 and, unfortunately, you picked up the phone. I am the girlfriend which he spoke to you about. I am 19, and we were wondering if I could be let in this evening to see Thomas Lunch play. I wish I knew your name, because then I could make this much more personal. Long story short, you said that I would not be admitted into DC9 tonight. This lovely letter is NOT about that. It is about your FUCKING ATTITUDE ! The DC9 hires people (i would hope) based on their people skills and qualification for the job.

I don't think that your employer would appreciate it if he/she were to find out that one of their employees were saying things like this to their customers:

" You know what dude-- you're calling me on the night of the show. That's totally dick. If you had called yesterday or last week, I could have spoken to my manager about it. "

When a customer tells you that you are actually talking their girlfriend getting in to DC9, and not themselves, it's probably not a great move to say:

" Oh, well fuck that shit! "

Anyways, maybe one day your dumb ass will see this. Just know that there are very few people who even want to associate with people like you. They may act like it, but keep in mind that it is probably because you have something they want.

Also, this isn't the first time that people from DC9 have been complete assholes on the phone. I don't think any of them have ever been as rediculously out of line as this witch though.

Rachel Herr

The Last Few Days...

Haven't written very much in the last few days. Been busy with mostly unsuccessful Christmas shopping with my mostly empty wallet. 532 points to my boyfriend who survived multiple hours at the mall yesterday night!

So tonight Thomas Lunch (that's their mySpace link, by the way) is playing down at DC9, but I don't know if they'll let me in since I'm not 21 =O Thats an old flyer from one of their shows (also not my work). I don't this they'll let me in so I probably won't go. Update: DC9 staff = dick. Not getting in.

Dec 18, 2006

Stop [Israel] Sign

I don't know when, or why, I took a picture of this. At least 3 years old.

New Robot

Neural Systems Lab is making a robot that moves & functions using only brain waves.

You can find this video here

Dec 17, 2006

Cheescake Cone

Cheesecake in a cone.
Patent number: D442762
Filing date: Aug 10, 2000
Issue date: May 29, 2001
Inventor: Michael MacPhee

I know this one isn't all that exciting. I just thought it was funny. I'd totally buy one of those though.

Dec 16, 2006

Holy Underwear?

Patent number: 6694980
Filing date: February 11, 2002
Issue date: February 24, 2004
Inventor: Amy Lee Anderson
Assignee: Amy L. Anderson
Primary Examiner: Michael A. Brown
Attorney: Morrison & Foerster LLP

A prophylactic system or kit that prevents the transmission of disease-producing microorganisms and spermatozoa by acting as a sexual barrier and sexual aid. The invention comprises an undergarment that allows sex acts while the garment is worn and that absorbs the fluids associated with the sex act, at least one pocket, sexual aids, and safer-sex information.

So it claims is makes sex safer?! It seems pretty clear to me that the people who invented this were either:
(a) Completely unaware of everything
(b) Thought it would be fun to patent a product making fun of, i dunno, something.

If you ask me, this product would just make sex fun, or maybe just funnier. Yeah, probably just funnier. Also would make sex easier for example:

Woman: Honey, lets do it right here
Man: Now? In the library?!
Woman: Don't worry about it, I'm wearing my prophylactic garment system undies today!
Man: Those things make sex so much easi--I mean safer!



First, I played the piano. Then, I played the flute. After than, I took electric guitar. Anyhow, its 3 am.

Old Drawing

I drew this from a picture, about 5 years ago.

Dec 15, 2006


"Warholize" your pictures here!

I used a picture from when I went to France.

Free internet-candy canes to whomever can identify the thing in the picture I used.

Candy cane for Helena, who knew the answer!

Anal Orgasm Monitor

Anal Orgasm Monitor!

Patent number: 5787892
Filing date: December 18, 1995
Issue date: August 4, 1998
Inventor: James Conway Dabney

"...An anal orgasm monitor for determining the contractions of an anal sphincter and associated muscles during an orgasm and sexual arousal..."


I've decided that each day I will post at least one new patent that I've found through Google's new search engine!

Another Late Night

Oh well another night has turned in to 4:30 am. But I'm not the only one up! (Which is unusual in this household). My mom's been on the phone all night with a bunch of people, working on something for a certain other country.

Well, I think I'm going to head to bed now. Can't wait to fall asleep in that nice....comfy....luxurious....straw bed...

Dec 14, 2006

Google Patent Search

You can now do a patent search on Gooogle!I found this one--its for edible "garments"! Both of these images are patented. The link can be found at the top of this blog.


Some things I drew about 4 years ago:

5 AM

When did it get to be 5 am ?!
The friggin paper guy just drove by!
Should I even bother with sleep at this point?

Motivator Maker

If you go here you can make a motivational poster...I've made one myself. I didn't want people to get the wrong idea about my boyfriend [in the picture], so I've pointed out that I'm talking about the fish =D

Call Here Drunk

Apparently you can call 321-600-1200 when you're drunk. Leave your drunk message, and when you're sober again, you can go here and see what people thought of your drunk message.


I made this a while back.
Pictures from around 8th to 11th grade. Ish.
I just noticed that there's one guy on there that I've never even met. Hmm...

Dec 13, 2006

Weird Facts

Taken from

-In 1976, a Los Angeles secretary named Jannene Swift officially married a fifty pound rock. More than twenty people witnessed the ceremony.

-A 13-year-old boy in India produced winged beetles in his urine after hatching the eggs in his body.

-Every U.S. bill regardless of denomination costs just 4 cents to make.

-In New York City, approximately 1,600 people are bitten by other humans annually.

-The Welwitschia plant can live up to 2,000 years.

-A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

-Approximately 10.5 gallons of water is used in a dishwasher. Washing the dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons of water.

-In 1998, Sony accidently sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people's clothes.

More to come...

Prostitute Killer

In the past 11 days, the bodies of 5 prostitutes have been found in Ipswich.
-All within a few hundred feet of one another.
-Face down
-Heads turned east
-In several inches of water

Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, four prostitutes have been found dead. They're trying to figure out whether the Ipswich murders are connected with those in Atlantic City.

My question is: Why the hell do people feel the need to kill people? Can't they just kill themselves instead? I mean I'm not encouraging suicide in general, but I do think its a much better alternative to mass murder sprees.

Dying For ?

(Taken directly from here)

In a twist worthy of a James Ellroy novel, con man Stephen Cohen -- who forged a letter convincing Network Solutions to give him possession of the URL (via VeriSign) and whose whereabouts are still unknown -- can now add "gangland murder attempt" to the new chapter in his real-life, neo-noir crime drama. When the URL's owner, Gary Kremen, had the courts order Cohen to return and pay him $65 million in damages, Cohen fled to Mexico -- after he'd had the URL for three years, allegedly making $500,000 a month selling banner ads to other online porn sites. Come to think of it, the whole story (now 11 years in the making) could only be written by Carl Hiassen to have a fitting and sensible end -- especially when you throw in a history that includes a convicted felon, a private investigator with a Stanford MBA, a startup dot-commer (now former) tweaker, a daughter caught smuggling 202 pounds of marijuana, a bizarre bid to buy Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and the operator of a Mexican shrimp farm. Don't forget the Tijuana assassination attempt.

Now, Cohen is on the lam again and his lawyer in Mexico was attacked in a old-school Mafia-style whack attempt last week, injuring the lawyer's cab driver and a young boy. Think Cohen will show up for his San Jose court date next February? Yeah, sure. Snip from Red Herring:

"The shooting came one day after Stephen Cohen, the man who fast-talked his way into control of in 1995, was ordered released from jail so he could round up $65 million he owes Gary Kremen, the programmer turned Internet entrepreneur who sued to recover control of the domain name he registered in 1994.

The lawyer who was attacked, Gustavo Cortés Carvajal, is believed to be the only person with access to some of Mr. Cohen’s assets in Mexico, including a Tijuana property the two men jointly own.

He was unhurt after gunmen in Tijuana fired numerous rounds at the vehicle in which he was traveling, but the driver and a four-year-old boy were injured in the attack.

Mr. Cohen’s whereabouts remain unknown and he has not been tied to the shooting, but Mr. Kremen on Monday would not rule out that possibility." Link. (via Valleywag; also, more background here)


Boyfriend just came up with this....

What do you call a rich persons house, who has a fetish with having sex with pigs?

Fuckingham Palace

Dec 12, 2006

Taco Bell E. Coli

So the green onions may not the only thing wrong with Taco Bell food. Recently, 64 people have gotten sick [E. Coli] from Taco Bell food. They thought it was the green onions. But over the weekend, the same samples were tested as NEGATIVE for E. Coli. Also, white onions have been tested for E. Coli and came up POSITIVE. Apparently the samples of white onion that came up positive, was mistaken for GREEN onions. How does that even happen, I ask you? In the words of South Park, "I'm not an R-tard." Anyways. The strain that was identified in the white onions, isn't the same as what the people who got sick, had. I dunno. Sounds like a game of Clue.


Man! is SO WEIRD! Is it possible to feel out of the loop on a website? If there is, then I definitely do.

Open Season

So I got a hold of the movie ... Meh. It was o.k.. I guess it was better than o.k... [ Will & Grace ] , Martin Lawrence, and Ashton Kutcher are the main voices. Apparently there were quite a hunters put off by the way the hunter [Shaw] is depicted in the movie, i.e. as a dirty, evil, grody, nasty, primal loser. But the way I see it is that real animals don't speak in real life [as they do in the movie], so doesn't that mean that real hunters aren't all jack-asses like Shaw? Right? Whatever. You decide for yourself.
I like the bunnies, mostly.


Metro Riders

I was riding the Metro last Sunday & it was early in the morning, before 9 am, and everyone was in zombie mode. No one spoke, cell phones didn't ring. Freaked me out. I kind of wanted to go poke someone to see if they were alive. But I didn't :(


This isn't done yet...

Dec 11, 2006


My cat, Whiskers.

Online Shopping

So Dave spent all this time today driving up to Delaware to pick up this fucking thing and it turns out that its A PIECE OF SHIT! [Well, atleast so I've been told.] How much does that suck, right? Getting up at 8 am on a Sunday and then the let down :( This one time, his mom had bought some REALLY old dresser that she SWORE she'd use and OOHHHH wasn't it just so nice [it does have some nice designs on it, although personally the handles/knobs on the thing just remind me of titty tassles.] So she SENDS DAVE TO PHILLY [or maybe it was just somewhere in PA] to go pick it up. I think she paid him that time though. Anyways, so we go and get this heavy ass dresser and guess what? It never made it to his moms room, hasn't been fixed up or repainted, and sits in their eating area with candles and napkins and shit in it. Not that its a bad place to put table stuff in, its just that there seems to be a trend of her online shopping failures. Then there was the shoe rack incident. Back when I was living in Dave's place, there were shoes EVERYWHERE so she decided we needed a shoe rack. She REFUSED to let Dave build one, and instead bought this piece of crap metal thing with like 1/3 inch depth. The only way to keep the shoes from cascading in to your face is by turning them over and wedging the toe in between the wires.

Dec 10, 2006


So I opted out of going to Delaware today with Dave.

Did you know that Brad Pitt is 42 years old?!

Dec 9, 2006

Cell Phone Habits

You know those people who walk around with their cell phone, like they're talking on the phone? But all you hear is some lame ass song that you REALLY don't want to hear. And they're BLASTING it out of their stupid phone, thinking they're some hot shit. ITS SO OBNOXIOUS! I almost feel bad for them , you know, thinking that they look all hot. I just want to slap them and tell them that they're a fucking IDIOT! I mean I know that not everyone can afford an iPod, but if you can afford an mp3 playing phone, I'm sure you could afford a 2$ set of headphones! And if you can't, then they definitely can afford some MANNERS. They're *FREE* people! Get some. AHHH. Oh and then there are the god damn SPEAKER PHONE PEOPLE. It doesn't matter if they're in their home or somewhere that is COMPLETELY inappropriate to being using the speaker, they DO IT ANYWAYS! WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR GOD DAMN LIFE. I'm sorry, is it just me, or is that shit REDICULOUS? I feel bad for them, too.

Delaware, Colbert...

Rant, rave, bitch, ramble. Brace yourself. Or not.

So Dave and I are heading off to Delaware tomorrow to pick up this trailer hitch shit that his brothers/friend's band (Thomas Lunch) decided not to take with them on tour. I'm just hoping the thing we spent WAY too much time buying today, to attach it to his pickup, works. Having visions of it flying off at 70 mph isn't exactly a great thought.

So this guy gave me his Motorola i530 that he doesn't use anymore but it turns out that the two SIM cards that I have already are TOO FUCKING BIG!!!! Man am I frustrated. I really need a new phone so that I can bypass paying twenty something dollars for a new charger for this stupid Blackberry that I bought. So My goal is to get rid of the Blackberry by selling it back to them for $50 dollars, and transfer my account over. SO. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get a card thats the right size, for free. If not...well I dont know what I'll do. We shall see.

I never really used to like the Oprah show but somehow I can't stop watching it now. Well, atleast I'm not one of those people that just *has* to tune in to their favorite show. I feel bad for those people that rearrange their entire schedual to meet their weekly quota of Laguna Beach. What a waste. Plus, thats what torrents are for!

Ok well im going to go try and sell my textbooks online.

24-minute Video of Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondence Dinner. If you like the Colbert Report, you'll probably enjoy it.

Prehistoric Monster Syndrome

Watch this girl. She can open a can with her mouth. And she does it quicker than alot of can openers that I've used before. But man! Is that healthy?
Anyways, heres the

Just two more videos.

Its a "PMS Survival Guide", but made as a parody of the 1950's propaganda videos. Well. It made me laugh.

Picture: YouTube

This one is just kindof quirky. I dunno. Not sure if anything can top the last one.
Real Men !

I'm one of those people who have very few regrets. The way I see it is that every incident and event in my life has been what has shaped who I am today. And although I know that there are plenty of people out there who don't think that who I have become is all that great, I am most definitely satisfied with the person I am today. Granted, I have many traits that could use tweaking, adjusting, etc. But on the whole, I know that at some point I will 'rearrange' myself, ultimately becoming the person I see myself as being in the future.

That said, I will say that I do have One regret. Yes, thats right, out of 19 years, I only have one regret. It is the my actions and behavior in regard to my current boyfriend. Now, I know that this blog is available to many people who know him personally,so I will not go into too much detail. Some of you already know the bulk of what I'm talking about, and you know who you are. In fact, some of you may have even heard him vent, bitch etc about me. I know. And I'm ok with that. I deserve it. anyways.

My boyfriend is, as far as I'm concerned, the most wonderful, sweet, loving, caring, funny, amazing .... I could go on and on for ever. He has truly been an angel in my life. He has stuck by my side in my most "stupidest" of times. Stupidest may not be a word, but it really is the best way to describe my actions in the past. I have done some REALLY fucked up things and put him through way more than any man should ever put up with. But lord am I thankful that he has. I cannot explain, excuse, or ever make up for what I have put him through. But I can promise him that I will NEVER put him through anything like it again. I love him so much. He has brought so much happiness in to my life. And boy do I know that sometimes [maybe more often than that ;) ) I can be a REAL pain in the ass...but here we are. In February it will have been 3 years for us. And I have no doubt that we'll make it to then, and beyond then.

So Dave, this is to, for, you. I love you. I'm sorry about the rocky past that I have put me/you/us through. But I want to thank you for sticking by my side. You are the most wonderful person in my life. You make me smile everyday when I wake up, and every night before I go to sleep. You motivate me and make me feel compelled to be a better person. I know several important people in your life don't exactly like me, but I am so glad that you have not given in to their opinions, and have stayed with me. I promise that I will never let you down in this relationship, again. I love you. I could, really, go on for hours, but I'll leave it at this. Thank you.

Onions & Spice Girls

Is anyone else surprised that its the and not the meet thats gotten in trouble lately? I mean I'd think that it would be the meat they use. You know those sharp pieces in the Taco Bell meat? Yea. We call them "rat teeth." They're fucking gross.

Remember the ? Well apparently Scary Spice () is pregnant with 's kid. I dunno. Thats just weird to me.


Well whatever.
All that matters is that THE WEEKEND!!!!!! is coming!!!

Wow. ok.
This blog truly has been a loss.

Bob Seger & Engrish

Don't you hate those pesky title lines? I mean, after all its just a blog right? You don't really know what you're going to say in it half the time and by the time you're done writing you don't care what its called. Atleast, I don't. So I think I'll just number them.

So Thomas Lunch will be setting out on a 'mini-tour' REALLY soon. Dave's brother () and close friend Adam joined up with the band not too long ago. So if you live anywhere along the east coast, they may be hitting a town near you! Even if you don't, go check out their page anyways ;)

Can you believe tickets are being sold for over $600 dollars right now?

Neither can I.

I've tried to think of things I'd rather do than pay that much to see Seger, but there are just too many to list.

Save yourself the money people, and spend a night with . It's a great "rebsite." The site reads: Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. The whole site is devoted to images of Engrish. Here's an example from their site:

As many of us know, the has undergone some changes lately. The only thing I'm comfortable saying is that you can no longer find Un [awsome person who ran the bar] on site :( Obviously we've all probably *heard* plenty said about what's been happening. But with all of you big mouthed, drama feens out there, I'm afraid that anything I say will turn into something COMPLETELY off-base. Anyways. The place is still open as far as I know, but I haven't been there since the changes. Oh well :( Point being, I miss the place as it was before.

SO. This blog has kind of just kept going on and on. For WAY too long. I would apologize to those who are bored at this point, but its your fucking fault if you don't want to be here! :D

Oh just one more thing.

So recently I've aquired a copy of , which gives me things like Flash Pro 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, and so on. I'm excited as shit! I've decided that band will be the basis for my first attempt with the new programs I've got. I've made a page with some help from a template and am in the process of "flash-i-fying" it. (Oh, and if you go to that link for Dave, don't be surprised if there's a picture of a large woman named Gloria. ).

And I'm getting tonight too :D

Well that all.
Some how I don't feel any better after tying all of that.
Was I supposed to?
Oh well.