Dec 26, 2006

True Grinches...

So Christmas is over. And while I feel mine went well, it seems that others didn't get it so good. How much does that suck? Can you imagine. "Merry Christmas! Oh, by the way-- we're robbing you." That'd blow. Two people (names unknown) robbed St. Mels Roman Catholic Church , in Queens, ON CHRISTMAS DAY ! They took between $20,000 & $30,000 from the church's safe during morning mass! And the money was for needy children (I think). What assholes, holy shit! Although I suppose if you're going to commit a robbery, Christmas morning would be the "best" time to do so, since everyone is going to be sleeping, "religioning" [its a Rachel verb], opening presents, and doing other holiday stuff. Not that I support it exactly.

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