Jan 26, 2007

Ugly Betty

Photo: Post-gazette.com

So theres this new show on ABC called Ugly Betty, found here. I'm addicted to it. The summary on tv.com says:

"Betty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make it into the fashion industry. Despite being smart, hard-working, and productive, her dream has always been shadowed by the fact that she isn't the best looking young woman. However, she is now determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill that ultimate dream. Ugly Betty stars America Ferrera in the title role. The show is based on the wildly popular Colombian telenovela which has already been successfully translated in Mexico, India, Russia, and Germany - all to stellar ratings."

Jan 25, 2007

One.org Banner

Someone just asked me how to get the One.org banner that I have, on their page. Just go here. The one that I'm using is all the way at the bottom of the page.

Jan 23, 2007

Police Slingshot?

In Tiajuana, Mexico, all guns have been confiscated from the police, and replaced with slingshots. Apparently people think that some officers have been helping drug traffickers, so they're going to check everyones gun or something. I didn't read much about it, but you can find one article about it here at FOX. Can you imagine a cop telling you to freeze, not take another step, or he'll shoot you with his slingshot? I'd laugh.

Jan 22, 2007

Crytal Meth

Did You Know? Adolph Hilter used crystal meth. According to this article on Wikipedia, he "was given daily intravenous injections of methamphetamine by his personal physician" during the last 3 years of his life, to help him with depression and fatigue.

Jan 19, 2007

Eden Burns

My boyfriend is in this band called Skindeep. Some time last week, their singer left the band. The same day, my he got a phone call from someone asking if he wanted to try out for band, because they needed a bassist. Turns out that we saw them live a couple months back. Anyways, so he went ahead and met up with the band, and has decided to give it a try. They're called Eden Burns, and you can find them on Myspace here.

[Found the image on the bands site.]

Jan 15, 2007


Would you pay between $110.00 - $150.00 for any of these pair of Nike's? I know I wouldn't. They're hideous! Who the hell buys these things anyways?

And what about these $265.00 Gucci BABY SHOES!!! Who in their right mind buys their KID [who still probably can't even make a full sentence] designer shoes? Even if you're mad rich, you'll save your money for things that actually matter. I'm 19 and I don't even spend that much money on shoes, so tell me why the hell a 3 years old would need a pair of them?

Apparently, this shoe, which I found over at the Jimmy Choo site, is priced at $895.00 but is now on sale for "only" $447.50 !!! I'm sorry, but only an idiot would spend that much money on a pair of high-healed, open-toe shoes. Or on any shoe, for that matter. Unless they we re ro cket shoes. I'd definitely pay $500 for a pair of those.

Jan 13, 2007

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake as a soup can

Jan 12, 2007

Daily Diet #1

In an effort to not gain any more weight, I''ll be keeping track of everything I eat each day. I'm hoping that this will make me more conscious of all of the unhealthy crap I eat. Here's day 1's numbers (click the chart to zoom in) :

Also, over at Technorati "We fixed a bug; link counts increase!"

Jan 11, 2007


Jan 7, 2007

No Work

So we didn't exactly make it to work today :( We thought we'd just stay up all night and then go to work. Instead, we stayed up until 7 a.m. and went to grab breakfast, came back home and went to sleep. So its 7 p.m. and we have to be at dinner really soon. My sister goes back to Denmark tomorrow, so we're all meeting for dinner. Roads are probably going to suck, since its supposed to be raining from now until tomorrow.

Just Got Home...

So we just got home from this party. (It was a cocktail party type thing, so it was all cosmos, martinis and appletinis). I don't know if I'd call it a party, since there were only about 15 people. Down in SW D.C. I was at my boyfriend's brother's friend's place. I'd met most of the people separately before, but never all at once. Met some new people who were a lot of fun. Got to meet one girls soon-to-be husband, who I'd heard about. He seems really nice and I talked for him for a while. Of course, I was (as usual these days) the youngest person there, not to mention under 21, which everyone else wasn't. So its 5 a.m. now and neither Dave or I are tired at all. We drove a friend of ours home. He was...."toasty" which was pretty unusual for him. But definitely not at all in an out of control kind of way. So we went over to his place for a while and I made him drink a bunch of water so that he wouldn't be completely sick in the morning. So tomorrow we're planning to go to work. But seeing as how its 5 a.m., I'm not so sure we're going to get there. At least, not in a timely way.

Jan 5, 2007

Thomas Lunch

The band Thomas Lunch is playing over at the Red & Black Bar tonight. The show is in northeast [Washington] D.C. SO! In the unlikely chance that someone from D.C. is reading this, I just thought that I'd mention it. Oh and its a 21+ show.

Jan 3, 2007


Tomorrow I have to go get a shot :( I really hate shots. I have no clue why. I mean, obviously getting a needle stuck in your arm isn't exactly a great thought (i guess maybe if you're in to shooting up heroin it might appeal to you. Though, even then, I'd think it were more for the heroin, than the needle.) Either way: Uck. I don't think that when I was younger it bothered me too much. But maybe that was just the "lolly pop effect". Man, those were the days. Tell me why they don't give us non-5 year-olds rewards for being so brave? Huh? They should. Maybe I'll start a petition.