Jan 7, 2007

Just Got Home...

So we just got home from this party. (It was a cocktail party type thing, so it was all cosmos, martinis and appletinis). I don't know if I'd call it a party, since there were only about 15 people. Down in SW D.C. I was at my boyfriend's brother's friend's place. I'd met most of the people separately before, but never all at once. Met some new people who were a lot of fun. Got to meet one girls soon-to-be husband, who I'd heard about. He seems really nice and I talked for him for a while. Of course, I was (as usual these days) the youngest person there, not to mention under 21, which everyone else wasn't. So its 5 a.m. now and neither Dave or I are tired at all. We drove a friend of ours home. He was...."toasty" which was pretty unusual for him. But definitely not at all in an out of control kind of way. So we went over to his place for a while and I made him drink a bunch of water so that he wouldn't be completely sick in the morning. So tomorrow we're planning to go to work. But seeing as how its 5 a.m., I'm not so sure we're going to get there. At least, not in a timely way.

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