Jan 23, 2007

Police Slingshot?

In Tiajuana, Mexico, all guns have been confiscated from the police, and replaced with slingshots. Apparently people think that some officers have been helping drug traffickers, so they're going to check everyones gun or something. I didn't read much about it, but you can find one article about it here at FOX. Can you imagine a cop telling you to freeze, not take another step, or he'll shoot you with his slingshot? I'd laugh.


Robyne said...

Hi there Rachel
It is intersting that we think that a police person needs a gun isnt it? In the Uk they dont have guns and they manage to maintain law and order. I think there is something metaphorically appropriate in having a slingshot - a sort of David and Goliath thing. It would be a much better world where the police were forced to use theirt intellect and heart to resolve issues rather than immediately go for the gun. The gun hasnt worked so far....it has simply escalated violence in the street and encouraged the "criminals" to get geared up.

Robyne said...

btw..how did you get the Poverty banner? I want one too

Rachel said...

i think since the police have been given guns for such a long time here [the US], it would be difficult to take them away. i'd think that people wouldn't take the cops as seriously, which would be pretty bad.
What do they use in the UK?