Jan 15, 2007


Would you pay between $110.00 - $150.00 for any of these pair of Nike's? I know I wouldn't. They're hideous! Who the hell buys these things anyways?

And what about these $265.00 Gucci BABY SHOES!!! Who in their right mind buys their KID [who still probably can't even make a full sentence] designer shoes? Even if you're mad rich, you'll save your money for things that actually matter. I'm 19 and I don't even spend that much money on shoes, so tell me why the hell a 3 years old would need a pair of them?

Apparently, this shoe, which I found over at the Jimmy Choo site, is priced at $895.00 but is now on sale for "only" $447.50 !!! I'm sorry, but only an idiot would spend that much money on a pair of high-healed, open-toe shoes. Or on any shoe, for that matter. Unless they we re ro cket shoes. I'd definitely pay $500 for a pair of those.

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Robyne said...

I love it! Shoes....you know I think it was the Oppenheims who interpreted shoes in fairy stories as meaning "your path of destiny".So if a person in a fairy tale has fishermans shoes on then he is walking the path of the fisherman...but ah...then the problem comes in interpreting what fisherman represents.....ooh..it goes on and on. If she changes her shoes for red ones...? Or takes of ehr shoes and walks barefoot? I just love it..it offers food for thought.
I guess what I am saying is that perhaps we can look behind the shoe thing and ask yourself..mmmm...why are they REALLY wearing those shoes?? A sort of fun thing to do