Mar 26, 2007

Abortion or $500

A Texas legislator is proposing that pregnant women be offered $500 to NOT have an abortion. Republican State Sen. Dan Patrick thinks that the money might convince women to have the child, and then give it up for adoption. Now, while this may not sound like a bad deal, check this out: you'd think they'd give you the $500 so that you'd be able to afford living expenses during the 9 months, a bit better. But no! The money is paid within 30 days of the child being adopted. Well... I guess I can understand that there is a trust issue with giving out $500 before the child is born. I don't mean to sound harsh, but 9 months of carrying a child that I don't intend on keeping is worth WAY more than $500 to me. I know that sounds bad, but its true. Anyways. Read more here

Panda Porn

I haven't actually read the article, but apparently they're going to try to teach Pandas to mate, by showing them porn. Read Article / Video

Are You Hot Enough ?

Sick of being single? If you don't meet the sites standards, will turn you down. To get it, one must successfully get through several stages. Jason Pellegrino and Sean Cohen created the site, after being pissed off that there weren't enough hot people on internet dating sites. The slogan seems to be "NOT FOR THE AVERAGE SINGLE" and the home page reads:

Attractive, fit singles like you deserve an above average dating pool and the leading online dating sites just don’t meet that standard. Online dating sites are a great way to meet that future soul mate - much better than trying to make a connection at a bar or club. Yet, on most leading dating sites, it simply takes too long to sift through the swarm of photos, e-mails, and teases to find a compatible match.

That’s where comes in. We’re filling that long-standing void in the online dating industry. With our selective screening and voting process, you know from the start that our members will be much more compatible to your taste. As a HotEnough member, you get full access to our attractive clientele.

And to become a member at the site:

1. New members (registrants) must submit three photos of themselves at signup. These photos must include one full body shot. Only one professional photo will be allowed.
2. Submitted photos will be sent to our site administrators where they will be judged based upon whether the registrant appears well-kept and in shape.
3. If the registrant passes the assessment, he or she will be granted prospective member status.
4. Prospective members photos are then forwarded to Hotenough’s voting area where active members will cast their votes.
5. Once a prospective member receives 25 votes, he or she must maintain a score of eight or above to become an active member.

Mar 22, 2007

Anti-Hillary Video

By posting this video, I'm not saying that I oppose or support its message.
It has been watched 2,075,594 times since March 5th.

Mar 21, 2007

Italian journalist was freed in Taliban prisoner swap

Are you fucking kidding me?! GO

Mar 16, 2007

Washing Machine Moving

Recently, a family my boyfriend (and me, the helper) to move two washing machines in and out of two houses. If you've ever done this before, you know what a pain it can be. If you've never moved one before, keep in mind:

  • CLEAN THE BOTTOM OF THE DRYER!!! There's usually a lot of rusty, grimy, brown crap on the bottom.
  • Use a dolly. We used a really small one, but it still helped alot.
  • I haven't looked it up, but apparently you're supposed to pad the main part (where clothes go) from the bottom of the machine, when moving it. Towels, rags, and clothes are fine.
  • Make sure one of you is relatively tall- I'm only '5"4, but my boyfriend is about 6'. I don't think we would have made it up the stairs without someone his height.
  • MEASURE the washer and all doorways. We had to take off two doors at the 2nd house.
  • When going up, the taller person stands at the higher point, controlling the washer on the dolly, each time it goes down a step. Shorter person stands at lower point, lifting the bottom (inner) edges of the washer.
  • Drain as much water out of the washer & it's tubes as you can, before you start moving it.
  • It will probably leak somehow, while you're moving it and then once its in the car, depending how it's moved. We found that several hours after spilling brown crap all over new white carpet, it cleaned up really quickly with some kind of strong carpet cleaner.

Mar 6, 2007

Poop & An Atm

An 18 year-old guy in Germany has been arrested for taking a dump in front of an ATM in a bank, several times. What the hell is wrong with people? Apparently he's being charged with vandalism. What a FREAK! Full Article

Mar 5, 2007

Saving Buried Dad

So this guy in Pakistan stole an ambulance and dug up his father who'd been dead for 2 years, to try to REVIVE HIM. Not only did he hijack the ambulance, but he also held it's driver at gunpoint. After getting the skeleton, he kept it in his room for 12 hours, along with some other dude that was at the graveyard at the time. The crazy guy escaped when they raided his house, and the body has been reburied. More here

Mar 2, 2007


Mar 1, 2007

Pee in a Bottle, Pass Your Class

If he left the room during his exam, he'd fail the class. Instead, he peed in a bottle in the corner of a room with 120 other students present. Now, it would be one thing if he was a trouble-maker trying to cheat by going to the bathroom. But this guy was in an accident that affected his bladder control and put him on crutches! Anyways, find more on this here

Teacher Cuts Student's Tongue

What the hell? A young teacher in Milan decided it was a good idea to cut her student's tongue as a way of keeping them quiet! Understandably, the child's family is suing her. Well, atleast we know that kids are safe school, right? Full Article

Feb 20, 2007

JFK new video

Taken DIRECTLY from

DALLAS, Texas (Reuters) -- Previously unreleased footage of John F. Kennedy's motorcade in Dallas moments before he was gunned down was released Monday, a surprising new twist in a saga that has gripped the United States for four decades.

The silent 8mm film shows a beaming Jacqueline Kennedy close up in vivid color waving to the crowd.

A group of excited bystanders -- women sporting big 1960s hairstyles -- waves to the cameraman shortly before the motorcade sweeps past. (Watch as the first couple waves at the crowd Video)

The president's coat is clearly, if briefly, seen bunched up on his back -- a detail that will be scrutinized by conspiracy theorists who see evidence of a plot in, among other things, the fact the bullet wounds on his jacket and body did not appear to match.

The film was donated to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas by amateur photographer George Jefferies and his son-in-law, Wayne Graham. It was released to coincide with the Presidents Day federal holiday.

Museum curator Gary Mack said he was not surprised Jefferies took so long to come forward.

"Everyone who captured the motorcade before the assassination thinks their pictures are unimportant. But to historians, all photos and home movies are important to possibly answer questions that will be asked in the future," he said.

Located in the former Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a sixth-floor window on November 22, 1963, the museum is devoted to Kennedy's presidency and the events surrounding his assassination.

The footage was taken less than 90 seconds before the fatal shots were fired. The 40-second film also shows the scene of the crime the following day.

Footage could spark more conspiracy theories

The footage is sure to be new fodder for conspiracy buffs who have long maintained Kennedy was the victim of a sinister plot orchestrated by shadowy elements in either the government, the "military-industrial complex," the Mafia or communist Cuba.

"I've already seen the footage on a conspiracy Web site -- it's interesting for the conspiracy researchers to study Kennedy's coat which appears to be bunched up on his back," Mack said.

He said since Kennedy's jacket was riding high on his back, the entry wound in his body did not match the expected position in his coat -- grist for the conspiracy mill that charges more than three shots were fired.

Investigators maintain the shooting was carried out by Oswald acting alone. The most complete and best-known film of the Kennedy assassination to come to light was taken by bystander Abraham Zapruder.

Mack said the new footage offered the best view of Mrs. Kennedy in the motorcade he had ever seen.

>Copyright 2007 Reuters. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Feb 17, 2007

Gasoline Vs. Liposuction Fat


" Mr. Venoy's firm is signing an agreement with Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami to recycle 3,000 gallons of human fat a week from its liposuction clinics, according to the Norwegian Web site That can produce 2,600 gallons of bio-diesel -- enough to power a Hummer for a week or two."

Full article here

Prince Harry in Iraq

Prince Harry, 3rd in line to the throne, will be stationed in Iraq by the end of the month.
Full article

Britney Spears

Britney Spear's shaved her head?
There are plenty of other pictures out, of this.
But this one, from here, is hilarious!

Feb 15, 2007

How To Make a Tag Cloud

This is what I followed to make my own tag cloud. It's really easy.

Stephen Colbert Ice Cream

Stephen Colbert, super awesome comedian, now has his own flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Cornell Quits, Rage Back Together

Chris Cornell, singer for the band Audioslave, has quit the band. On the up side, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk have gotten back together with Zack de la Rocha to reunite Rage Against the Machine.
For more info here

Madame Tussauds Wax Museums

The statues at Madame Tussauds' wax museums are crazy!

Do you recognize them ?

Paris Hilton's "Bra"

Where did Paris Hilton get that amazing "bra" she seems to be wearing?


Feb 14, 2007

Girls Gone Wild Clothing Line

According to TMZ, Girls Gone Wild now has their own clothing line

Anna Nicole's Methadone

In August 2006, a doctor wrote Anna Nicole Smith a prescription for methadone, less than 2 weeks before she gave birth.

The prescription was written for Michelle Chase, a fake name for Anna Nicole. However, in California, its apparently legal to write prescriptions for fake names. The meth was then sent to Smith's house in the Bahamas, from the pharmacy where it was originally called in to.

Breast Implants, 5 Different Ways

Apparently there are 5 different ways they can make the incision during breast implant surgery:
  • Under/at the fold
  • Along the areolar border
  • In the armpit
  • In the navel

(From Wikipedia)

Inframammary - an incision is placed below the breast in the infra-mammary fold (IMF). This incision is the most common approach and affords maximum access for dissection and placement of an implant. It is often the preferred technique for silicone gel implants due to the longer incisions required.

Periareolar - an incision is placed along the areolar border. This incision provides an optimal approach when adjustments to the IMF position or mastopexy (breast lift) procedures are planned. The incision is generally placed around the inferior half, or the medial half of the areola's circumference. Larger silicone gel implants are difficult to place via this incision.

Transaxillary - an incision is placed in the armpit and the dissection tunnels medially. This approach allows implants to be placed with no visible scars on the breast. Transaxillary procedures can be performed with or without an endoscope (tiny lighted camera).

Transumbilical (TUBA) - a less common technique where an incision is placed in the navel and dissection tunnels superiorly. This approach enables implants to be placed with no visible scars on the breast, but makes appropriate dissection and implant placement more difficult. Transumbilical procedures may be performed bluntly or with an endoscope (tiny lighted camera) to assist dissection. This technique is not appropriate for placing silicone gel implants due to potential damage of the implant shell during blunt insertion.

Transabdominoplasty (TABA) - procedure similar to TUBA, where the implants are tunneled up from the abdomen into bluntly dissected pockets while a patient is simultaneously undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure.

Feb 13, 2007

Kiefer Kills Bauer Prototype

Article found here

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed that he destroyed the prototype model of the Jack Bauer action figure, based on his character in 24.

The figure is set to be released later this year but would have been available earlier if it wasn’t for his antics.
He told the National Enquirer recently: “They tried to come out with one a couple of years ago and they sent it to me for my approval.”

“We took the doll out for a night to have some fun and we’d had some drinks. We sat it on the corner of the table. We started torturing him around 11pm and by 2am we set him on fire in the parking lot.”

“We got up the next day and there was just this puddle of wax. His clothes didn’t burn, which I thought was pretty cool.

“Then I got a call the next day saying, ‘Did you like the doll?’ I said, ‘Yeah, it was great.’ And they said, ‘Well OK, good, you’ve got to send it back to us because that was a prototype. It took the guy a year to make it.’”

“I said, ‘Well, let me look for it, I think I left it in the trailer.’ This went on for about a week and then I had to just come clean.”

Things You May Not Know (Part 2)

More things you may not know...
Source: Wikipedia
Sorry, not as many links this time, but everything can be found on Wikipedia

In King of the Hill, Boomhauer's voice was inspired by an angry Beavis and Butt-head viewer who left an answering machine message for Mike Judge.

SpongeBob SquarePants was the first American cartoon to be broadcast in Iraq and Afghanistan after their US-led invasions.

Did You Know?

Did you know?

  • Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez
  • John Travolta is a qualified pilot & owns 5 planes
  • Bruce Willis appeared, unpaid, in an episode of Friends after losing a bet to Matthew Perry. He's also offering $1 million to any civilian who turns in Osama, Ayman al-Zawahiri or Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
  • Dan Rather had someone at the Houston police shoot him up with heroin, so that he could do a story on it
  • Richard Nixon's daughter married Dwight Eisenhower's grandson
  • Halle Berry has diabetes
  • Nelly Furtado turned an offer for $500,000 to pose nude for Playboy
  • Jay Leno is dislexic & does the voice of kitty in the South Park episode "Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut"
  • Sylvester Stallone's sneer and slurred speech are the result of paralysis to the left side of his face due to birth complications
Source: Wikipedia

Feb 12, 2007

Johnny Depp is 44

I had no idea that Johnny Depp was 44 years old

Sean Michel

American Idol contestant Sean Michel, doing his own rendition of Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down."

Dixie Chicks Win 5 Grammys

The Dixie Chicks won all 5 Grammy awards that they were nominated for! I'm not a big fan of them, but some of their music is ok. They won best Country Album, and, for the song "Not Ready to Make Nice" they got Best Song and Record of the Year.


Feb 11, 2007

Snorkeler Rodent Shot in Face

So this guy in Oregon shot a snorkeler in the face with his .22-caliber rifle, after mistaking him for a rodent. But when he realized his mistake, the shooter and another man called 911 and drove him to a hospital. John William Cheesman (44) went through 8 hours of surgery and is going to be fine! How lucky is that? Can you imagine shooting someone in the face by accident, or even worse, being shot in the face? More info on this here

2 Stoned to Death on Resort Island

Two Italian women have died at a Cape Verde resort island. They found dirt inside the lungs of one of the women (Dalia Saiani (33)), meaning that she may have been alive when she was buried. Two men have confessed to the killings. A third man was released on bail because he wasn't involved. The two men called the third man to bury the women, but when he realized what was going on, refused to take part. One of the men was trying to teach Dalia a lesson, after she refused to resume their old relationship. Man, what is wrong with people these days?
Image from here

Urban Dicitonary

So I was over at . Heres one:

Celebrity List
: A list created by the individuals of a monogomous relationship at the point of becoming exclusive in order to notate which celebrities they are allowed to have sex with, if given the opportunity, and will not have committed any kind of wrong-doing that may conflict with the current terms of monogomy agreed upon by the individuals of the relationship. The details, such as number of times sex is allowed, sexual acts perform such as oral, anal, and various positions, must be decided by the couple. This term is derived from the TV show Entourage, Season 3 Episode 10. This may also be known as a "Celeb list".
    • "I had sex with Jennifer Aniston and my girlfriend couldn't complain because she knew that Jennifer Aniston was on my celebrity list."
If you want, you can put a word of the day thing, on your site. Go here

Feb 9, 2007

Oulawing iPod Use

In Brooklyn, State Senator Carl Kruger is planning to introduce a bill that would say when its ok to listen an iPod. If the bill goes through, it would mean that people violating it would be fined $100 and have to appear in court, if they are caught crossing the street using an iPod.

Recently one or two people have died because they were using their iPod while crossing the street or something. I think enforcing a law like this is pretty ridiculous. I mean I understand the laws that say you cannot use an iPod while driving, because a car is a very powerful thing. And although it is possible that the ideal driver could harm another car while veering away from an iPod user, it is more likely that the car will hit the person--which means it is the iPod-wearers fault. Even though pedestrians always have the right of way, it doesn't mean its ok for them to step out into the road whenever they please. Maybe if there was some law that says that if a car hits a person using headphones/cellphoneor/PDA, the case be handled differently. Does that make sense?

Feb 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Is Dead

Article take directly from hereLinkHOLLYWOOD, Fla. Feb 8, 2007 (AP)Anna Nicole Smith, the former Playboy playmate whose bizarre life careened from marrying an octogenarian billionaire to the untimely death of her son, died Thursday after collapsing at a South Florida hotel, one of her lawyers said.

Smith, 39, collapsed and was unresponsive while staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino, said the attorney, Ron Rale. She was rushed to a hospital.

"She checked in Monday at 8 p.m. as a guest. She was due to check out tomorrow," said Danielle Giordaano, a spokeswoman for the hotel.

Smith had been a tabloid staple even before she became Playboy's playmate of the year in 1993. Readers were fascinated by her bombshell good looks, her marriage to an elderly billionaire and subsequent court fight over his estate, her weight fluctuations, and last year, the sudden death of her 20-year-old son, Daniel Smith.

A former topless dancer, she made her name squeezing into Guess jeans. She resembled the late actress Marilyn Monroe, a similarity played up in her Guess magazine ads, billboards and department store displays.

In 1994, she married 89-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, the head of oil-based Koch Industries, which is part of a family fortune worth at least $400 million.

He died in 1995, setting off a feud with her former stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, over whether she had a right to his estate.

A federal court in California awarded Smith $474 million in a complicated legal twist that began after she declared bankruptcy. That was later overturned.

But in May, the U.S. Supreme Court revived her case, ruling that she deserved another day in court in her battle with her former stepson.

The justices said only that federal courts in California could deal with her case despite a Texas state court ruling that Marshall was the sole heir to the estate.

Then, the stepson died June 20 at age 67. But the family said the court fight would continue.

Daniel Smith died Sept. 10 in his mother's hospital room in the Bahamas, just days after she gave birth to a daughter.

An American medical examiner hired by the family, Cyril Wecht, said he had methadone and two antidepressants in his system when he died. Low levels of the three drugs interacted to cause an accidental death, Wecht said.

Meanwhile, the paternity of her now 5-month-old daughter remained a matter of dispute.

She was born Vickie Lynn Hogan on Nov. 28, 1967, in Houston, one of six children of Donald Eugene and Virgie Hart Hogan.

She married Bill Smith in 1985, giving birth to Daniel before divorcing two years later.

Image taken from sawf.or

Expensive People

Apparently it costs way too much to have someone well-known come and speak some where. Here's a few that I found:

  • Al Franken $30,001 - $50,000
  • Aretha Franklin $50,001 +
  • Bill Cosby $50,001 +
  • Bill Nye $20,001 - $30,000
  • Carrot Top $10,001 - $20,000
  • Dr. Phil McGraw $50,001 +
  • Donald Trump $200,000 +
  • George Foreman $50,001 +
  • Goldie Hawn $50,001 +
  • Henry Winkler $20,001 - $30,000
  • Jay Leno $100,000 +
  • Jon Stewart $100,000 +
  • Kathy Griffin $30,001 - $50,000
  • Lance Armstrong $200,000 +
  • Leonard Nimoy $20,001 - $30,000
  • Magic Johnson $50,001 and above
  • Michelle Pfeiffer $30,001 - $50,000
  • Olivia Newton-John $50,001 +
  • Spike Lee $30,001 - $50,000

Feb 6, 2007

Naked Girl + PETA

Over at PETA's website, you'll find a girl doing a fake "State of the Union" type thing. Anyways, she strips down NAKED! So, if you care about animal rights [or if you don't] you can watch her strip! Here's the video

Feb 4, 2007

Eden Burns

If you live in the DC/MD area,
Eden Burns will be playing at the Brass Monkey Saloon

Jan 26, 2007

Ugly Betty


So theres this new show on ABC called Ugly Betty, found here. I'm addicted to it. The summary on says:

"Betty Suarez has always had one goal in life: to make it into the fashion industry. Despite being smart, hard-working, and productive, her dream has always been shadowed by the fact that she isn't the best looking young woman. However, she is now determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill that ultimate dream. Ugly Betty stars America Ferrera in the title role. The show is based on the wildly popular Colombian telenovela which has already been successfully translated in Mexico, India, Russia, and Germany - all to stellar ratings."

Jan 25, 2007 Banner

Someone just asked me how to get the banner that I have, on their page. Just go here. The one that I'm using is all the way at the bottom of the page.

Jan 23, 2007

Police Slingshot?

In Tiajuana, Mexico, all guns have been confiscated from the police, and replaced with slingshots. Apparently people think that some officers have been helping drug traffickers, so they're going to check everyones gun or something. I didn't read much about it, but you can find one article about it here at FOX. Can you imagine a cop telling you to freeze, not take another step, or he'll shoot you with his slingshot? I'd laugh.

Jan 22, 2007

Crytal Meth

Did You Know? Adolph Hilter used crystal meth. According to this article on Wikipedia, he "was given daily intravenous injections of methamphetamine by his personal physician" during the last 3 years of his life, to help him with depression and fatigue.

Jan 19, 2007

Eden Burns

My boyfriend is in this band called Skindeep. Some time last week, their singer left the band. The same day, my he got a phone call from someone asking if he wanted to try out for band, because they needed a bassist. Turns out that we saw them live a couple months back. Anyways, so he went ahead and met up with the band, and has decided to give it a try. They're called Eden Burns, and you can find them on Myspace here.

[Found the image on the bands site.]

Jan 15, 2007


Would you pay between $110.00 - $150.00 for any of these pair of Nike's? I know I wouldn't. They're hideous! Who the hell buys these things anyways?

And what about these $265.00 Gucci BABY SHOES!!! Who in their right mind buys their KID [who still probably can't even make a full sentence] designer shoes? Even if you're mad rich, you'll save your money for things that actually matter. I'm 19 and I don't even spend that much money on shoes, so tell me why the hell a 3 years old would need a pair of them?

Apparently, this shoe, which I found over at the Jimmy Choo site, is priced at $895.00 but is now on sale for "only" $447.50 !!! I'm sorry, but only an idiot would spend that much money on a pair of high-healed, open-toe shoes. Or on any shoe, for that matter. Unless they we re ro cket shoes. I'd definitely pay $500 for a pair of those.

Jan 13, 2007

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake as a soup can

Jan 12, 2007

Daily Diet #1

In an effort to not gain any more weight, I''ll be keeping track of everything I eat each day. I'm hoping that this will make me more conscious of all of the unhealthy crap I eat. Here's day 1's numbers (click the chart to zoom in) :

Also, over at Technorati "We fixed a bug; link counts increase!"

Jan 11, 2007


Jan 7, 2007

No Work

So we didn't exactly make it to work today :( We thought we'd just stay up all night and then go to work. Instead, we stayed up until 7 a.m. and went to grab breakfast, came back home and went to sleep. So its 7 p.m. and we have to be at dinner really soon. My sister goes back to Denmark tomorrow, so we're all meeting for dinner. Roads are probably going to suck, since its supposed to be raining from now until tomorrow.

Just Got Home...

So we just got home from this party. (It was a cocktail party type thing, so it was all cosmos, martinis and appletinis). I don't know if I'd call it a party, since there were only about 15 people. Down in SW D.C. I was at my boyfriend's brother's friend's place. I'd met most of the people separately before, but never all at once. Met some new people who were a lot of fun. Got to meet one girls soon-to-be husband, who I'd heard about. He seems really nice and I talked for him for a while. Of course, I was (as usual these days) the youngest person there, not to mention under 21, which everyone else wasn't. So its 5 a.m. now and neither Dave or I are tired at all. We drove a friend of ours home. He was...."toasty" which was pretty unusual for him. But definitely not at all in an out of control kind of way. So we went over to his place for a while and I made him drink a bunch of water so that he wouldn't be completely sick in the morning. So tomorrow we're planning to go to work. But seeing as how its 5 a.m., I'm not so sure we're going to get there. At least, not in a timely way.

Jan 5, 2007

Thomas Lunch

The band Thomas Lunch is playing over at the Red & Black Bar tonight. The show is in northeast [Washington] D.C. SO! In the unlikely chance that someone from D.C. is reading this, I just thought that I'd mention it. Oh and its a 21+ show.

Jan 3, 2007


Tomorrow I have to go get a shot :( I really hate shots. I have no clue why. I mean, obviously getting a needle stuck in your arm isn't exactly a great thought (i guess maybe if you're in to shooting up heroin it might appeal to you. Though, even then, I'd think it were more for the heroin, than the needle.) Either way: Uck. I don't think that when I was younger it bothered me too much. But maybe that was just the "lolly pop effect". Man, those were the days. Tell me why they don't give us non-5 year-olds rewards for being so brave? Huh? They should. Maybe I'll start a petition.