Dec 16, 2006

Holy Underwear?

Patent number: 6694980
Filing date: February 11, 2002
Issue date: February 24, 2004
Inventor: Amy Lee Anderson
Assignee: Amy L. Anderson
Primary Examiner: Michael A. Brown
Attorney: Morrison & Foerster LLP

A prophylactic system or kit that prevents the transmission of disease-producing microorganisms and spermatozoa by acting as a sexual barrier and sexual aid. The invention comprises an undergarment that allows sex acts while the garment is worn and that absorbs the fluids associated with the sex act, at least one pocket, sexual aids, and safer-sex information.

So it claims is makes sex safer?! It seems pretty clear to me that the people who invented this were either:
(a) Completely unaware of everything
(b) Thought it would be fun to patent a product making fun of, i dunno, something.

If you ask me, this product would just make sex fun, or maybe just funnier. Yeah, probably just funnier. Also would make sex easier for example:

Woman: Honey, lets do it right here
Man: Now? In the library?!
Woman: Don't worry about it, I'm wearing my prophylactic garment system undies today!
Man: Those things make sex so much easi--I mean safer!


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