Dec 11, 2006

Online Shopping

So Dave spent all this time today driving up to Delaware to pick up this fucking thing and it turns out that its A PIECE OF SHIT! [Well, atleast so I've been told.] How much does that suck, right? Getting up at 8 am on a Sunday and then the let down :( This one time, his mom had bought some REALLY old dresser that she SWORE she'd use and OOHHHH wasn't it just so nice [it does have some nice designs on it, although personally the handles/knobs on the thing just remind me of titty tassles.] So she SENDS DAVE TO PHILLY [or maybe it was just somewhere in PA] to go pick it up. I think she paid him that time though. Anyways, so we go and get this heavy ass dresser and guess what? It never made it to his moms room, hasn't been fixed up or repainted, and sits in their eating area with candles and napkins and shit in it. Not that its a bad place to put table stuff in, its just that there seems to be a trend of her online shopping failures. Then there was the shoe rack incident. Back when I was living in Dave's place, there were shoes EVERYWHERE so she decided we needed a shoe rack. She REFUSED to let Dave build one, and instead bought this piece of crap metal thing with like 1/3 inch depth. The only way to keep the shoes from cascading in to your face is by turning them over and wedging the toe in between the wires.

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