Dec 23, 2006

Dear DC9

A letter to the bitch at DC9

Dear DC9 girl:

You spoke to my boyfriend at about 7 pm today. He politely called the DC9 and, unfortunately, you picked up the phone. I am the girlfriend which he spoke to you about. I am 19, and we were wondering if I could be let in this evening to see Thomas Lunch play. I wish I knew your name, because then I could make this much more personal. Long story short, you said that I would not be admitted into DC9 tonight. This lovely letter is NOT about that. It is about your FUCKING ATTITUDE ! The DC9 hires people (i would hope) based on their people skills and qualification for the job.

I don't think that your employer would appreciate it if he/she were to find out that one of their employees were saying things like this to their customers:

" You know what dude-- you're calling me on the night of the show. That's totally dick. If you had called yesterday or last week, I could have spoken to my manager about it. "

When a customer tells you that you are actually talking their girlfriend getting in to DC9, and not themselves, it's probably not a great move to say:

" Oh, well fuck that shit! "

Anyways, maybe one day your dumb ass will see this. Just know that there are very few people who even want to associate with people like you. They may act like it, but keep in mind that it is probably because you have something they want.

Also, this isn't the first time that people from DC9 have been complete assholes on the phone. I don't think any of them have ever been as rediculously out of line as this witch though.

Rachel Herr

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