Dec 9, 2006

Delaware, Colbert...

Rant, rave, bitch, ramble. Brace yourself. Or not.

So Dave and I are heading off to Delaware tomorrow to pick up this trailer hitch shit that his brothers/friend's band (Thomas Lunch) decided not to take with them on tour. I'm just hoping the thing we spent WAY too much time buying today, to attach it to his pickup, works. Having visions of it flying off at 70 mph isn't exactly a great thought.

So this guy gave me his Motorola i530 that he doesn't use anymore but it turns out that the two SIM cards that I have already are TOO FUCKING BIG!!!! Man am I frustrated. I really need a new phone so that I can bypass paying twenty something dollars for a new charger for this stupid Blackberry that I bought. So My goal is to get rid of the Blackberry by selling it back to them for $50 dollars, and transfer my account over. SO. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get a card thats the right size, for free. If not...well I dont know what I'll do. We shall see.

I never really used to like the Oprah show but somehow I can't stop watching it now. Well, atleast I'm not one of those people that just *has* to tune in to their favorite show. I feel bad for those people that rearrange their entire schedual to meet their weekly quota of Laguna Beach. What a waste. Plus, thats what torrents are for!

Ok well im going to go try and sell my textbooks online.

24-minute Video of Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondence Dinner. If you like the Colbert Report, you'll probably enjoy it.

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